About Us

Culture is in every company, whether you focus on it or not. Where is your company heading?

You know what’s crazy? The “About us/me” page on a website is the most visited part of a company's website. Talk about pressure for one page! I’ve edited this page more times than I can count and I’ll probably do it again, but for the time being, I want to tell you who we are, and why we love doing what we do from the heart.

We love people, and we think businesses have the greatest opportunity to make positive, lasting impacts on the world. Yet, the overwhelming majority of companies focus on business practices that are rooted from back in the industrial revolution of the 1800’s! Turns out, business has changed significantly since then and is changing faster today than ever before. So why is it that with all these changes businesses haven’t changed their approach? Why is it that a majority of businesses see their employees as an asset or a cog in the machine rather than…people?

We think there’s a better way and thankfully, so do science and research. By utilizing proven methods, intuitive metrics, and industry leading strategies we are able to create positive, lasting impacts on both the company, as well as the lives of the employees. Companies that focus on culture enjoy successes such as having 1/4 the turnover vs their peers, outperforming their competitors in the stock market by a factor of 3, attracting higher caliber talent, more engaged employees, happier employees, and increased net promoter scores versus those companies that let culture "just happen". 

Having been involved in award winning workplace culture and wellbeing for almost a decade, I can honestly say that I don’t see what our company does as a job but as a calling; a passion. The impact I have witnessed on the organizations I have been fortunate enough to work with as well as the impact on the lives of their employees makes me know that what we do as a consulting group really matters and really makes a difference.

If you are looking to improve your organization's culture and overall wellbeing, I encourage you to Contact Us so we can begin a conversation. We want great company culture to be a standard, not an objective. We'd love to come alongside you and help your organization achieve its goals!